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I really wanted to do a wine tasting and lunch experience, and after a bit of research, I arranged such a tasting for a group of us at Tenuta Cocci Grifoni Winery, in the Marche region of Italy.

Selection of their wines

We were in the area for a friends wedding in the picturesque town of Petritoli at Palazzo Mannocchi.  Tenuta Cocci Grifoni Winery was only about 35 minutes drive away. I had been e-mailing with Marilena, the General Director, and she had kindly set up the lunch and wine tasting for us. She was especially wonderful and gracious, because in the last 24 hours before arriving, we added another 5 people to our party.

Tasting room and view beyond.

On arrival we discovered a lovely tasting room, with a balcony and endless views. There was even a lower level area in which to mingle.

Spumante and focaccia

Marilena welcomed us by pouring us all a lovely glass of Spumante Brut Tara. This was served with various Focaccia which were delicious.

While enjoying this, we all mingled and were awestruck by the amazing view across the valley to the hilltop town of Ripatransone in the distance.

They had set a lovely table up for the 13 of us outside on the balcony overlooking this amazing view. It was complete with pretty plates adorned with sunflowers and napkins embroidered with the name of the Winery – such a lovely place setting!

The view.

Table setting

The lunch that followed, with a number of wines offered to try throughout the meal, was absolutely fabulous.

I think I lost count of how many courses we enjoyed.  It started off lovely plates of bread, cheeses, meats and salami while Marilena poured us all glasses of the lovely Colle Vecchio white wine.

Salami and meat


Then we moved on to beautiful grilled vegetables and then a delicious serving of spaghetti with meat and tomato ragu.  Somewhere in here we tried a lovely red wine called Rosso Piceno Superiore, San Basso which went beautifully with the food.

Rosso Piceno Superiore.


For our next course they brought out some delicious citrus chicken served with roasted potatoes.  I feel like this post has too many photos, but everything was so good that I want to share it.

Citrus Chicken and potatoes.

Each time Marilena served us a wine, she would take the time to introduce it to us.  I really appreciated this, unfortunately I certainly cannot call myself a wine connoisseur, so I’m sure a lot of the valuable information was lost on me.  However, I do know that I really enjoyed all the wines that we were able to enjoy over lunch.

Marilena talking with us.

To wrap this amazing lunch up, we enjoyed a tasty selection of cakes and some coffee.

Cake and coffee.

All the food we had been served was locally sourced, and I loved this fact.  I probably should have included more details on the lovely wine, but to be honest I my head was feeling a little fuzzy by now – don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.  After completing our meal, we weren’t rushed at all, and enjoyed lingering, taking more photos with the fantastic view, chatting and finishing our wine.  To get more information on their lovely wines, just go to the Tenuta Cocci Grifoni website.

Then in good time, we all wandered over to the shop where we made some purchases to take home.  I decided on buying some of the Rosato wine, a pretty looking Rose.  We hadn’t tried it, and I thought it would be nice to try something new.  They are also able to arrange shipping, if you want to ship any of their wines or olive oil to your home.

I have to say this experience was one of the highlights of our Italy trip. The hospitality and kindness of Marilena and the Winery staff, combined with the fabulous wine and lunch were just the best!  The view from the tasting room, is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.  If you ever find yourself in the Marche region of Italy, I highly recommend a stop here.

Marilena topping up my friends glass.

Date of visit; June 2019.

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