Waterton town and some good food, Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada.

After the steep hike up to Bear’s Hump to see the amazing view in Waterton Lakes National Park it was getting on for dinner time.  So we drove the short distance from the Prince of Wales Hotel to the small town of Waterton right on the edge of the lake, to look for some food as we were pretty hungry.  Before we parked, we stopped briefly to take a look at pretty Cameron Falls that are right on the edge of Waterton.

At Cameron Falls

At Cameron Falls.

We then drove into the middle of town, parked the car and started walking to look for Wieners of Waterton, a restaurant I had read about and we had decided that we want to try.

Waterton is not a big town, so in a short time we found it and after taking a quick look at the menu decided to go ahead and order.

The process is a little unusual, in that you order the type of hotdog and side you want first, then you step aside and wait.  When that is ready they ask you what toppings you want on the hotdog, and there are quite a few including some unusual ones like the Gingered Carrots I tried.  It really was delicious, I had their local Old Smokey Hotdog, with coleslaw, their Special sauce, and Gingered Carrots on top.  For my side I got the Sweet Potato fries with a Rosemary and Parmesan dipping sauce, and of course had to have some ketchup and a little relish to top it all off!  There isn’t much in the way of seating inside the restaurant, just a little bar area by the windows, so as it was a lovely day, we took our food outside and ate at one of the picnic tables available outside.

Wieners of Waterton

Wieners of Waterton.

Wiener and fries

Wiener and fries.

After all this food I was pretty full, but we happened to be sitting right next door to Waffleton, a waffle and ice cream shop serving fresh Belgian Waffles heaped with toppings, and seeing people leave with their ice cream got me craving some of the Maple Walnut flavour that I had tried a few days before further north in Canada.

My brother, husband and I decided that we could share an ice cream and that way all get to have a bit despite us all being on the stuffed side.  I think Maple Walnut ice cream is now one of my all time favourites!

Ice cream at Waffleton

Ice cream at Waffleton.

After our dinner we decided to have a little wander around Waterton to walk it off a bit.  We walked along Wind Flower Avenue to the small marina area that has a nice view over to the Prince of Wales Hotel on the hill across Emerald Bay.

Street in Waterton

Street in Waterton.


To get back to our car, we walked along the shoreline of Upper Waterton lake which was really pretty in the early dusk of the evening with the mountains surrounding the lake.  There were even a few people to be seen having a late day dip in the water.

Waterton Lakeshore

Waterton Lakeshore.

Early the next morning before leaving Waterton on our drive back to the US we stopped at Pearl’s Café to grab a hot drink for the road.  It was a great little café which had a nice selection of breakfast pastries and dishes to chose from and they can even make you a Hiker’s lunch to go.  If we had stayed in town longer, I definitely would have come back here.

Pearl's Cafe

Pearl’s Café.

Date of visit; 6th August 2017.




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