Some good food in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

While visiting Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in September I spent a few days exploring the city and so enjoyed some good food at various places over that time.  Here are some of those good eats.

Food Trucks.

Vancouver has a good number of food trucks covering all sorts or cuisine, most of them in downtown Vancouver.  I noticed the cluster of Food trucks near the Art Gallery and so decided to stop at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, serving up soup and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, for my lunch.  The truck is usually to be found at Howe St and Robson St, but on the day I visited was one street over as Robson street was being used for filming a TV show.

Mom's Grilled Cheese Food truck

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Food truck.

Cindy, the owner, served me and she was so nice and chatty while I waited for my chosen grilled cheese with tomato to be ready. There were other fillings available which sounded good, but I went traditional for my first experience.  Once I had my sandwich I wandered on while I ate, but found myself distracted because the sandwich was so delicious and tucked underneath it were some chips (or crisps as we call them in the UK) which was a nice surprise.  I ended up stopping to finish the sandwich while seated on a bench, then I walked back to the truck to thank Cindy for what I told her was the best grilled cheese I have had the pleasure to eat!  Their usual hours are 11.30 am to 3 pm.

Granville Island Public Market.

The Granville Island Public Market is the jewel in the crown of Granville Island and a dangerous place to go when you are hungry – and I’m always hungry!  I could probably devote a whole Blog post to this place, but I will try to keep this brief. I arrived via the Aquabus from the Hornby St Dock and made a beeline for the food section of the market.

Granville Island Market

Granville Island Market.

I walked all through the market to scope it all out and decide what I wanted to get to eat.  Food stalls included; flowers, fresh produce, bakeries, deli’s, butchers, dry goods, Confectioner’s, Beer, wine and spirits and even Restaurants.

To start I brought some lovely apples from the Sunlight Farms produce stall, but from there healthy went out the window and I headed straight over to the Laurelle’s Fine Foods stall where I had seen some amazing looking Date bars, maple cookies and Sausage Rolls.  I purchased some of each, most to save for later but I just had to eat the warm sausage roll almost straight away.

Sausage rolls and Pasties

Sausage rolls and Pasties at Laurelle’s Fine Foods.

Date Bars

Date Bars.

Maple cookie

Maple cookie.


The sausage roll was amazing, with just a hint of spiciness, and I followed it up by trying one of the cute little mini Maple cookies that I purchased.

The Date bar I saved for later, and I have to tell you that it was great too.  I think I would have eaten my way around the whole market if I could have, as there were so many wonderful looking choices, but instead I had to content myself with virtually drooling at it all and wishing I could take some things home with me, such as the great looking Pate’s and cheeses.

To finish my visit to the market off, I decided on some of my newly discovered favourite flavour  of gelato, Maple and Walnut. For this I went to GI Gelato and Coffee House which was by the Aquabus dock, and it was the perfect finish to my gastronomic exploration of the market!

Maple walnut gelato

Maple walnut gelato.

Art Gallery Café.

I had read good reviews about the Gallery Cafe, so was interested to try it myself but had also read that it gets busy at lunchtime, so I made a point to get there just after 11 am.  This obviously only helped me a bit, as there was already a line at the counter and it only got longer as I waited my turn to order.

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Café.

There was a nice choice on the menu, Panini’s, sandwiches, salad bowls, quiche, soups and all the usual drinks plus coffees and wine. There were also some lovely looking desserts too.  Inside there was a good amount of seating, but it was such a beautiful day I wanted to eat out on the pretty terrace and luckily, after I got my Salmon quiche and side salad that I ordered, I was early enough to grab a table and enjoy the nice lunch in a lovely spot.

Quiche at Gallery Cafe

Quiche at Gallery Café.

Meat & Bread.

The Meat & Bread sandwich shop was recommended by the tour guide of the walking tour I took of downtown Vancouver, so when walking back from exploring Gastown I cut up Cambie Street just so I could take a look.

Fillings for a Porchetta sandwich

Fillings for a Porchetta sandwich.

The menu is very basic, just a selection of about 5 different sandwiches, one soup and one side salad, but from what I could see, all beautifully made. The interior of the restaurant has a nice comfortable but urban vibe to it

I saw the Porchetta sandwich at the top of the menu with Salsa Verde and Crackling, and the moment I read crackling I was sold!  I’ve long had a love of pork crackling (my mum used to make a fabulous roast pork with the best crackling), so that was the sandwich I had to order.

It was a delicious mix of the roast pork, salsa verde with the crackling sprinkled among it – I really enjoyed it and was glad that I had listened to the tour guide’s recommendation. By the way, the walking tour I took was through Tour Guys who do a number of free walking tours in the different areas of Vancouver and the one I took of Downtown and Waterfront was great, the guide Brian was full of knowledge and interesting information on the City’s history and buildings.

Inside Meat & Bread

Inside Meat & Bread.

Date of visit; September 2017.




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