Delicious Foods in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Before I went, I read about all the delicious foods to try in Amsterdam, Fries with mayonnaise, Stroopwafel, Apple Pie, Bitterballen, etc. so of course you know I had to hunt down these delicacies to try them for myself!

Van Wonderen

Van Wonderen Shop.

I got straight to work on my first afternoon in Amsterdam and was on the lookout for Stroopwafel, especially as I’m such a sweet tooth!

I had been exploring the Bloemenmarkt, so from there it was a short walk to Van Wonderen Stroopwafels at Kalverstraat 190.  The shop window showed the three sizes you could choose from and examples of the many different toppings you can choose, many of them sweet like crumbled cookies, mini marshmallows etc.

I decided to go for a medium sized stroopwafel, half dipped in chocolate and topped with mixed nuts. It was fabulous but very sweet with all the warm gooey caramel inside, even this sweet tooth was a little overwhelmed and started to wonder if I should have just gone for the small size!!



After sitting by the canal to enjoy the Stroopwafel I started walking up a side street and stumbled across Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx, Voetboogstraat 33.  Now, I know I had only just finished my stroopwafel, but I really wanted some fries with mayonnaise and remembered reading that this was a great place for them.  Supposedly the best Flemish Fries, so I told myself I was just eating my dinner in reverse order, dessert first, then the fries! Sure enough, they were lovely warm fries, crispy on the outside, and a nice dollop of mayo on top.  You can choose other sauces, and each sauce you choose is an extra cost.

Fries with mayo

Fries with mayo.

Stach was a lovely little bakery café shop that caught my eye because of the amazing looking Meringues on display in the window.  You can find it on Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, the street that runs straight to the Rijksmuseum.  I decided to try a Banana and toffee flavour – more sugar for this sweet tooth, but there were plenty of other delicious baked goods to choose from.

Meringues in the window of Stach

Meringues in the window of Stach.

I made a point to go to Winkel 43, Noordermarkt, because I had heard from a friend, as well as reading in other blogs and reviews that it served the most amazing Apple Pie.  I sat in some outside seating in the square in front of the restaurant and ordered a drink and some Bitterballen (a type of meatball) as my dinner, planning on Pie for dessert.  I then realized after ordering, that the seating I was in was actually for the restaurant next door to Winkel 43, called Noordwest, – oops.



Oh well, I thought, I’ll try the Bitterballen here, then moved over to Winkel 43 for my dessert.

Bitterballen is a Dutch meat based snack battered with breadcrumbs, and they turned out to be a lot softer inside than I had imagined.  They tasted good, but for me the texture was a problem and I don’t think I would choose to try them again.

After paying I moved over to seating closer to Winkel 43, under their awning to make sure I was in just the right place to order my Apple pie and Cappuccino that I was really looking forward to after the disappointment of the Bitterballen. It was just as good as I had hoped.

Apple Pie from Winkel 43

Apple Pie from Winkel 43.



For breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, Greenwoods is a nice choice.  I had lunch at the location on Keizersgracht which has indoor and outdoor seating by the canal.

I was tempted to have Afternoon Tea as my late lunch, but ultimately chose a fabulous summer salad to enjoy as I sat beside the canal people watching.  I had hoped to return to try the Afternoon Tea, but on this trip I ran out of time, so it is something I will save to do if I am lucky enough to return to Amsterdam.

You can read about and see some more photos of Greenwoods and Winkel 43 in my blog post, A visit to the Anne Frank House.

Salad at Greenwoods

Salad at Greenwoods.

While on a daytrip tour which took me to the town of Volendam, I got to try Kibbeling, which is a Dutch snack consisting of battered chunks of fish served with a mayonnaise based garlic sauce. Our guide had recommended a small place at the edge of the harbour called Palingrokerij J.B. Plat, at Havendijkje 2, and I really enjoyed it and would recommend giving it a try.



Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam

If you want to try Dutch Pancakes then I can recommend Pancakes Amsterdam. The location at Westermarkt was just a short walk from my hotel, Hotel Nadia, so on my last day I decided to have pancakes for breakfast.

Dutch pancakes are thin crepe-like pancakes and I decided on what is apparently a traditional flavour, Bacon and apple.  It was so good, with nice slices of apple with big slices of bacon set among the thin batter, and I just love bacon.

Something to note here is that Pancakes Amsterdam is a card only Restaurant, they do not take cash payment which is pretty unusual I think.

Bacon and Apple Dutch pancake

Bacon and Apple Dutch pancake.

And lastly, if you want to try some Dutch spirits, then you can try some Jonge Jenever which is Dutch Gin, or some Schipper Bitter which is schnapps. I got to sample both, the Jonge Jenever I would enjoy in a cocktail, but the Schipper Bitter was not for me.

Dutch Spirits

Dutch Spirits.

Date to visit; 25th May 2018.

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