Berlin, Germany. Third Reich tour.

Day 3.

Today my husband didn’t have to work which was nice and meant that he got to share some time with me and seeing some of the city.  He had decided that he was interested to do the Insider Walking Tour titled “The Third Reich” as he has always been interested in WWII and that part of history.  This proved to be more of a parking lot tour, as our guide told us after we started, as a number of the sites we visited are no longer there and we had to use our imagination when the guide was telling us what used to be there!

I have to say, this was the least favourite of their tours because of the lack of visual sites, but the guide was full of information and history as my previous guide had been.  The tour finished at the Fuhrer’s Bunker (that I had visited the day before), so from there I know where I was going and so we went to the Holocaust Memorial and on to the Brandenburg Gate so that I could show them to my husband.

This is on the previous day's tour, but Mike is telling us about the Fuhrer's Bunker site.

This is on the previous day’s tour, but Mike is telling us about the Fuhrer’s Bunker site.

We then caught the 100 bus, that I had learned about the day before, from the Reichstag building back to the Intercontinental Hotel to recoup before going to dinner.

For dinner we went with my husbands work colleagues once again, this time to a French restaurant recommended again by the great concierge, called Belmondo. (Knesebeckstrasse 93, 10623 Berlin)  We had an amazing meal here, I had a lovely main course of Lamb Shoulder with herb crust, Truffle Potatoes and carrots, and we shared a Chocolate dessert which I think is one of the best I have ever had – seriously!!!  A Chocolate Molten cake with Chocolate Mousse which was delectable!!!

Chocolate Dessert - amazing!

Chocolate Dessert – amazing!

Even though we were wonderfully full of food, we decided that we really should get out to see the Brandenburg Gate all lit up for the Festival of Lights, that just so happened to be going on while we were in Berlin.  We took a taxi from Belmondo to the Brandenburg Gate where we stood mesmerized while the lights and patterns shone onto the Gate changed in time to music, it was just lovely to see and I could have stayed for longer but by now it was getting late and we had had a full day.  So after taking a few photos we jumped back in a taxi for the ride back to the hotel and our comfy bed that was awaiting us.

Festival of Lights illuminates the Brandenburg Gate

Festival of Lights illuminates the Brandenburg Gate.


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