An overnight stop and dining in Jackson, Wyoming.

Jackson in Wyoming is a great little resort town that never really has an off season, during the winter it has 3 ski resorts, and the rest of the year it is a popular kick off point for exploring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks which are just to the north.

As part of our road trip to Canada, we stopped overnight in Jackson, as we were indeed using it as a great starting point for the next day and exploring the National Parks.  We arrived in the late afternoon and checked into our hotel, The Antler Inn, which turned out to be perfectly situated in town and a very short walk from the town Square and all the shopping.

Antler Inn

Antler Inn.

The hotel has a real rustic vibe that fits in with the whole feel of the town, and the staff were friendly and helpful. My brother said to me that the town of Jackson reminded him of the fictional town in the film Dante’s Peak, if you remember that one!

Right across Pearl Street from the hotel is the Pearl Street Market which is a great place to purchase a few snacks or drinks if you need them.

We took a brief walk to the Town Square to get our bearings and admired the 4 arches at each corner of the Square which are built from the discarded antlers from the National Elf Refuge which is just on the north side of town.

Antler Arch

Antler Arch.

For dinner we decided to try Snake River Brewing which was just 2 and half blocks from the Antler Inn, and it had good reviews on Trip Advisor.  It did seem to be a happening place, with a big brewing tank out the back and a nice lawn area with a fire pit and chairs, mini golf, and various games you could play on the lawn area.

Snake River Brewing

Snake River Brewing




Despite being busy, we were seated quite quickly on the upstairs outside deck.

Unfortunately, service was slow, and my phone battery died, so the only photo I got was of my husband’s cold beer that he chose from the extensive Beer menu. But the food was good and I think the kitchen must have just been a little overwhelmed at that time.  My husband and Brother both enjoyed a big burger, and I had a appetizer of 3 mini steak tacos as I wasn’t overly hungry.  My lack of appetite I think was because we were so tired from a long day of driving, so we headed back to our hotel for an early night.

For breakfast, I had noticed the day before, a nice looking coffee shop right off the Town Square called Cowboy Coffee (which I had already read about online too), so my brother and I headed off first thing to see what they had to offer.

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee

It was a homey neighbourhood coffee shop, and apparently they roast their coffee locally in Jackson.  As well as coffee and tea, their menu covers breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and lunch items including Paninis.

Cowboy coffee interior

Cowboy coffee interior.

The inside had a nice comfy seating area, as well as regular seating with lots of local artwork and beautiful photography on the walls which I enjoyed.

I ordered a Cappuccino (with the motive that online I had seen their coffee served with an animal stenciled on the top which I had thought was kind of cool), my brother had a Latte, and we decided to share a Cowboy Burrito to eat.

Breakfast at Cowboy Coffee

Breakfast at Cowboy Coffee

So anyway, I was disappointed when my cappuccino was handed to me with no design on the top, so I laughingly said to the barista about that fact that I had seen the cool stencils they used and could I possibly get one!  I know, a bit cheeky, but I was intrigued to see what they came up with!  He kindly gave me a Moose design which I loved, so thought it was only fair, as I had been a bit needy, to tip him some extra.

After checking out from our hotel, we decided it would be good to have sandwiches handy for our lunch later in the day while in Grand Teton National Park, so we drove a short distance south on the road leading out of the centre of town (W. Broadway/US Hwy 191), to an Albertson’s Grocery store.  There we were able to purchase a couple of foot long sub sandwiches which we really enjoyed for our lunch and to be honest, much easier and affordable than finding something in the Park!

Early morning in Jackson

Early morning in Jackson.



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